Happy Hair Braids | Easter 2017

Happy Hair Braids | Easter 2017

4th April 2017 : Easter is here and the season begins. Horah!  It's been a long winter and soo good to be back on Padstow Harbour catching up with my fellow hair braiders and creating smiles.  There is nothing better than seeing your customers smile in the mirror when they see their finished braid. Thank you to everyone who has come and seen me so far I'll be here by the bandstand until Wednesday 19th April be good to see you. 

17th April 2017 : So we are nearly at the end of the Easter Break. I've met some great people from all walks of life and had some interesting conversations about alsorts ha ha.  Fantastic the random subjects that come up whilst putting a splash of colour in the hair.  

It has been a cold one with a bitter a wind and less custom than usual.  Is that Brexit, is it the staggered holidays? Who knows? What I do know is today I got a lovely visit from Padstow and Funky Punky summer regulars Rebecca and family. They even bought me a present of some amazing Disco beads!  Every year I watch those kids grow up and class the whole family as my friends as I guess they do me?  Four braids and a long chat later they leave for their long journey home however it's moments like these that make my job so special and me smile inside and out. Incase you were wondering they are the beautiful family in the top of this post ❤❤ 


Rainbow crisscross

Blue black twiddle

Week 2 adult braid

IMG 20170404 144130

IMG 20170404 122559

pink purple padstoweaster2017 1

IMG 20170405 152530 

IMG 20170405 131218

Red black white


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Thank You Summer Customers & Padstow!


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