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A Pleasant Surprise! The Cursus Cider & Music Festival

A Pleasant Surprise! The Cursus Cider & Music Festival

Everything for a reason they say...

It started with a cancellation.  A gig I had worked for years employed an agency to book their traders and entertainers hired a different face painter.  By chance I saw The Cursus Cider & Music Festival on Facebook and sent them a message asking if they'd like me to come along.  What a fantastic yes that turned out to be!

After a few messages back and forth it came apparent it was a friend, Kev I was talking to who I'd met many moons ago.  He and Mike organise the festival and would love "to add some extra sunshine" to their event.  

We arrived Friday eve and managed to set up next to Curmudgeon's Corner.

Gurmudgeons Corner

Curmudgeons's Corner a place to come watch the festival goings on, moan about anything and everything and meet great people!

We met Curmudgeon's Fiona first who helped my dear friend Mark who was helping me out over the weekend set up his tent in the dark.  This was an interesting and dare I say 'intense' experience until Robbie Mad Hatter came and saved the day.  There are many reasons I have a van and this is one of them!

The festival itself is a small affair with a band marquee, bar, food, Curmudgeon's corner, ourselves and not many children.  This worried me initially but that was unfounded.  What a great bunch of big kids in attendance.  Considering the amount of cider that must be consumed over the weekend not one idiot I experienced.  Every single person was of the right ilk.  Happy, smiley, there for the music, quality ciders and the friendships new and old.
Fuelled By Panorama

Panoramic view from Cher's Funky Faces @ Cursus Cider & Music Festival

From the moment we opened to the moment we shut we had a steady flow of cider fuelled lovely people coming over and getting involved.  Initially a bit unsure on what to be painted because I no longer use a display board or book (unless specifically asked to do so) I prefer people to use their imagination.  This not only gets the creative juices flowing but can sometimes prove an intersting challenge for me which I love.

Saturday night and Sunday was spent listening to great music meeting lots more people, in Curmudgeon's corner Big Dave, Duncan, Jane, Harry, Joe, Mike, Tiger Man, Sue (I hope Andy likes his stick), Jasper, Chezzy and many many more.  Painting a few more faces and generally having a fantastic time with fabulous people!  This is a highly recommended festival with crew and customers who have a superb attitude and ethos!  They even allow well behaved dogs providing watering holes around site for your furry friends.

Here's a few of the many faces painted. If you have any photos you can send me I would love to see them and add to this blog please email to fun 'at'

Chick Dave

Dave Chick @ Cursus Cider & Music Festival

Sara Davies Butterfly

Sara Butterfly @ Cursus Cider & Music Festival

Duncan Death Rabbit

Duncan Death by Rabbit @ Cursus Cider & Music Festival

Jasper & Chezzy Badgercorn

Jasper & Chezzy Badgercorn @ Cursus Cuder & Music Festival

Sparkly Monster Eye

Sparkly Monster Eye @ Cursus Cider & Music Festival

The Stag

The STAG @ Cursus Cider & Music Festival

This guy on his stag do was amazing!  It took 3 times in the mirror with us all laughing before he realised his Spiderman was actually Spidercock!

Chezzy Badgercorn

Chezzy Badger-Corn @ Cursus Cider & Music Festival

Lisa Line Work Dragon

Lisa Line Work Dragon @ CursusCider & Music Festival

Graffiti Fun with Butterflower & Flowers

Graffiti Fun with Butterflower & Rainbow Dragon @ Cursus Cider & Music Festival

Dan logo

Dan logo @ Cursus Cider & Music Festival

Cher Funky Punky at Work

Cher Funky Punky at Work @ Cursus Cider & Music Festival


Chezzy Rainbow Badgercorn in cider fuelled glory! @ Cursus Cider & Music Festival

Duncan Fuelled By Cider

Fuelled by Cider @ Cursus Cider & Music Festival

Tiger Man tiger man does anything a... @ Cursus Cider & Music Festival

Tiger Man, Tiger man does anything a... @ Cursus Cider & Music Festival

Event poster Fuelled by cider

All in all a great time had.  We are very much looking forward to the next Fuelled By Cider Scrumpy & Western Extravaganza event on 21st & 22nd July.
Thank you soo much for having us!

Scrumpy & Western extravaganza

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Guest - Andy B on Tuesday, 16 May 2017 18:15

Sounds like a nice little Festival. Wish I could have been there.

Sounds like a nice little Festival. Wish I could have been there.
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Saturday, 19 August 2017

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